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Walsh Elementary School provides a nurturing environment committed to learner excellence. All students are challenged to reach their maximum potential by learning at their instructional level to provide a solid foundation of skills, knowledge and values. This foundation enables each student to become a well-educated, problem-solving, and productive adult able to cope with an ever changing world.

Student Spotlight
Each month, Walsh School chooses Students of the Month from each homeroom. These students are chosen as for recognition based upon one or more of the following attributes:

- Demonstrate conscientious effort to do his best.
- Commit random acts of kindness.
- Make an effort to consistently show self-control.
- Open to compromise.
- Offer a helping hand to others.
- Respect staff and other students.
- Exhibit responsibility in all areas.

Students chosen as the Students of the Month will receive, in addition to world wide recognition and an enviable resume item, the always desired (and much sought after) lunch with the Mr. Fee in the Principal’s Conference Room. Student of the Month pennants are also displayed by each homeroom teacher. Walsh School is greatly honored to have so many worthy students.

About Us
Walsh School, named for John D. Walsh, a School District 104 board member and a police chief in the Village of Summit, first started as an eight room school in 1923 and is the second oldest school in District 104. Now, comprising over thirty rooms and housing over 400 students and staff members, Walsh School prides itself on providing a quality education for its students, which focuses on the Common Core State Standards to create life-long learners and productive American citizens.